PLEASE NOTE: Spring EQ Wholesale will not reimburse partners for the cost of the appraisal.  Appraisals should be ordered with the client's credit card.

Appraisal Ordering


Below you can find directions on how to log in to our appraisal order site. If you would prefer instructions with visuals, you can use our "Appraisal Ordering Guide" link.

All orders to be placed by Broker and may not be ordered until the borrower has e-signed their intent to proceed. Please note: Spring EQ Wholesale will not reimburse partners for the cost of the appraisal. Appraisals should be ordered with the client’s credit card.


1. ClearVal Exterior Valuation (Drive By)

A. Loan amounts less than $250,000 and fixed rate HELOANs with a DTI <43%

2. Full Interior (1004/1073) is required when:

A. Loan amounts greater than or equal to $250,000 and no existing appraisal, and any fixed rate HELOAN with a DTI >43%

3. Prior-use/Existing Appraisal:

A. Piggyback (1st mtg Purch or Refi concurrent closing)- Used in conjunction with 1st Mtg Lenders appraisal

i. Spring EQ to order and pay for Collateral Desktop analysis once full appraisal from first lien is received

B. Stand Alone:

i. Appraisal must be within 12 months to closing

ii. No other appraisal products have been completed by Spring EQ

iii. Current “lender ordered” appraisal must be on 1004 or 1073

iv. Spring EQ to order a Collateral Desktop Analysis (CDA) and a separate Property Condition Inspection (PCI) which must support value with Low or Moderate Risk score (use below process to order both products separately)


1. Click on this link to get to the Appraisal Order site:

2. Login using your information

3. "Place Order" by selecting the appropriate appraisal product

4. Enter the "Tracking ID" as the Spring EQ Loan number 3000000XXX and "Purpose for Order" as "Pre-funding Decision"

5. Enter "Street Address", Spring EQ Loan Number and Borrower name

6. Enter the Borrowers Credit Card information and "Submit Order"